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Sarcoma Awareness Week

Sarcoma Awareness Week

Sarcoma Awareness Week, observed in July, recognizes that sarcoma is still considered to be the “forgotten cancer.” Efforts to encourage more research and drug development are made difficult due to a lack of awareness and understanding. People have come to recognize the meaning of other colored ribbons, yet don’t know the significance of the sarcoma yellow ribbon. How does a community raise funds for vital research if people don’t know that this cancer exists?

A sarcoma is a rare kind of cancer. Sarcomas are different from the much more common carcinomas because they happen in a different kind of tissue. Sarcomas grow in connective tissue - cells that connect or support other kinds of tissue in your body. These tumors are most common in the bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, nerves, fat, and blood vessels of your arms and legs, but they can also happen in other areas of your body.

Although there are more than 50 types of sarcoma, they can be grouped into two main kinds: soft tissue sarcoma and bone sarcoma, or osteosarcoma. About 12,000 cases of soft tissue sarcoma and 1,000 new cases of bone sarcomas will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017.

Sarcomas can be treated, often by having surgery to remove the tumor.

The awareness color for Sarcoma is Yellow.

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