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National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

National Minority Cancer Week

National Minority Cancer Awareness Week is a public health and awareness campaign designed to highlight the incidence of cancer among minorities. It also aims to inform the general public that the effects of cancer differ according to diverse populations.

National Minority Cancer Week educates the public about the greater cancer burden on minority groups in the United States. The main reason for this are factors like poverty rate and lack of access to screening and treatment. The American Cancer Society, which supports this public awareness campaign, aims to decrease the disparity of the cancer burden in different populations.

African Americans and Hispanics living in the United States, for instance, have a much higher rate of poverty, so they are less likely to have health insurance coverage. This makes it difficult for them to get the care that they need when diagnosed with any cancer. The American Cancer Society is continuously fighting cancer disparities of all sorts, working to improve access to cancer screening and treatment. The programs also include quit-smoking campaigns since smoking is one of the major risk factors for different types of cancer.

The awareness color for Cancer Awareness is Lavender.

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