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National Tinnitus Awareness Week (UK)

National Tinnitus Awareness Week (UK)

National Tinnitus Awareness Week educates the public that tinnitus is the perception of a sound that has no external source. Some of the more common sounds reported are: ringing, humming, buzzing, and cricket-like. It can also be a combination of sounds, and for many, the sound of their tinnitus actually changes. It can be constant or intermittent and is heard in one ear, both ears or in the head.

National Tinnitus Awareness Week recognizes that tinnitus is almost always accompanied by hearing loss. If you have tinnitus, you should have your hearing tested by a hearing health professional. Some 30 million adults suffer from persistent tinnitus (it can also affect children). For 12 million, the problem is severe enough that it impacts their everyday life.

The effects of hearing loss go beyond making it harder to understand what people say. People with hearing loss tend to bluff their way through social interactions, pretending to hear conversations. As it gets more frustrating, they tend to go out less often and become more withdrawn. This is according to Fred Britten, PhD, CCC-A, professor of communications sciences and disorders at Fort Hays State University and Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Make an appointment with an audiologist to talk about treatment options for hearing loss. Support groups can also help you deal with its emotional effects.

The awareness color for Tinnitus is Silver and Gold.

Personalized Cause supports National Tinnitus Awareness Week

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Silver and Gold Awareness Ribbon for Tinnitus, click here.

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