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YOUR source for SINGLE custom awareness ribbons. Personalized awareness ribbons engraved with name, date, logo. Large selection of cancer ribbons.

Pantone Colors

Amber - 159C
Black and Blue - Black/2985C
Black and Gold - Black/1245C
Black and Navy - Black/288C
Black and Pink - Black/210C; was 223C
Black and Red - Black/200C
Black and White - Black/White
Black - Black
Blue and Gray - 287C (blue)/430C (gray); was 280C/cool 8C
Blue and Green - 287C (blue)/569C (green)
Blue and White - 287C (blue)/white; was 280C/white
Blue and White Pinstripes - 281C (navy)/white
Blue Jeans - 7461C (two small half circles); 7462C (lighter jean color - right tail and top); 7463C (darker jean color - left tail); gold stitching
Blue - 287C; was 280C
Brown - 469C; was 4625C
Burgundy - 222C; was 690C; Danica says 209C
Cloud - 210C (pink); 657C (blue); 100C (yellow); and white
Copper - 7511C
Cream - 7499C
Fuchsia - 239C
Gold - 1245C; was sandblasted
Graphite - warm gray 9C
Gray - 430C; was cool gray 8C
Green - 569C
Hot Pink - 1915C
Kente Cloth - 200C (red); 210C (pink); black; 569C (green); pink was 706C
Lavender and White - 2645C (lavender)/white; was 271C
Lavender - 2645C; was 271C
Light Blue - 658C
Light Green - 352C
Lime Green and Aqua - 367C (lime green)/3262C (aqua)
Lime Green - 367C
Maroon and Gray - 202C (maroon)/430C (gray); was cool gray 8C
Olive Green - 4515C
Orange and Blue - 1505C (orange)/287C (blue); was 280C
Orange and Green - 1505C (orange)/569C (green)
Orange and Lavender - 1505C (orange)/2645C (lavender); was 271C
Orange and Purple - 1505C (orange)/267C (purple)
Orange and Red - 1505C (orange)/200C (red)
Orange and Yellow - 1505C (orange)/114C (yellow)
Orange - 1505C
Orchid - 522C
Peach and Gray - 488C (peach)/gray (430C); was cool 8c
Peach - 488C
Pearl and White - 7541C (pearl)/white
Pearl - 7541C
Periwinkle Blue - 2718C
Pink and Blue - 210C (pink)/2915C (blue)
Pink and Gold - 210C (pink)/1245C (gold)
Pink and Red - 210C (pink)/200C (red)
Pink and Teal - 210C (pink)/320 (teal); Danica thinks 320C
Pink - 210C
Polka Dots - white/black dots Purple and Black - 267C (purple)/black
Purple and Blue - 267C (purple)/287C (blue)
Purple and Green - 267C (purple)/569C (green)
Purple and Yellow - 267C (purple)/114C (yellow)
Purple - 267C
Puzzle -
200C (red); 114C (yellow); 287C (blue); light blue Rainbow - 1505C (orange); 114C (yellow); 569C (green); 287C (blue); 267C (purple)
Red and Blue - 200C (red)/287C (blue)
Red and Gray - 200C (red)/430C (gray)
Red and Pearl - 200C (red)/7541C (pearl)
Red and Purple - 200C (red)/267C (purple)
Red and White Pinstripes - 200C (red)/white
Red and Yellow - 200C (red)/114C (yellow)
Red - 200C
Red, White and Blue -
Royal Blue/Green - 293C (royal blue)/569C (green)
Sea Green - 332C
Silver and Blue - 877C (silver)/287C (blue); was 280C
Silver and Gold - USE 877C (silver)/871C (gold); 421C (silver)/1245C (gold)
Silver - 877C; was sandblasted
Teal and Purple - 320C (teal)/purple (267C)
Teal and White - 320C (teal)/white
Teal - 320C
Turquoise - 321C
Violet - pantone violet; was 520C
White - white
Yellow - 114C
Zebra - white/black stripes