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Invisible Illness Awareness

Davis Orr

Invisible Illness Awareness

Here's a little Invisible Illnesses Awareness to kick off your weekend!

Whether you suffer from an Invisible Illness, or a loved one is experiencing his or her own personal health journey, remember the key is patience without judgement or pressure.

Here are some pieces of an article from, that hit home:

"Living with constant pain, disability and limitations means that your life is already full to the brim with challenges. Yet our inability to ‘be well’ coupled with looking healthy presents further challenges, from being disbelieved and poorly treated, to being judged or repeatedly advised on how to ‘heal’ ourselves."

"The biggest grievance those with chronic conditions have is that their loved ones often do not believe what they are going through is real, because to others they “look good.” Sadly, this makes the person feel as if they are being called a liar or a wimp. This can cause great strains on relationships between friends, family members and spouses,” says chronic illness patient and advocate at the Invisible Disabilities Association, Sherri Connell.

"... It's accepted when someone has acute pain because of a recent injury or through surgery. It’s also accepted if someone is unwell but then they are supposed to get better. When we don’t improve and our symptoms even worsen, it is us who are frequently thought to be exaggerating, faking or simply not trying hard enough to rejoin the well world."

"... Living with, managing and coping with a complex chronic illness and pain can naturally make us isolated, anxious, vulnerable, and depressed. Adding the disbelief of those we care about can crush us, especially when some friends and family drop away, but it is vital to remember that you are doing the best you can given your particular set of circumstances."

"Also, that things can and do improve, they may not improve as much or as swiftly as we would like – no one wants to live in pain – but there are still good things ahead of us. Allowing ourselves to feel how we feel and the grace to accept where we are regardless of the opinions of others, can help us make it through."

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