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LGBTQ Disability Day

Davis Orr

LGBTQ Disability Day

Today is LGBTQ Disability Day!

In his proclamation today, President Obama noted, “For more than two decades, our country has upheld those basic promises for persons with disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act — a sweeping civil rights bill that moved our Nation forward in the journey to equality for all. And from making health care more affordable to ensuring new technologies are accessible, we have continued to build on that progress, guided by the belief that equal access and equal opportunity are common principles that unite us as one Nation.”

Many comments circulating on the internet today have asked why LGBTQ people get their own disability day. We recognize groups of people who have endured added discrimination and inequality in order to end the cycle. Equality has been the central theme of the LGBTQ movement since the very beginning. Likewise, equality has been the goal for disabled people fighting to be treated the same as non-disabled people.

For people who embody the intersection of LGBTQ and disability, discrimination is amplified. We acknowledge them today to celebrate their stories, recognize their struggles, and support their journeys made harder by the difficulty they've faced.

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