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National Glaucoma Awareness Month

January 1, 2025 January 31, 2025 CST

National Glaucoma Awareness Month, observed in January, is a time to increase awareness of glaucoma, promote the need for a cure, and spur advocacy on behalf of those suffering with the emotional, financial and physical burden of glaucoma.

National Glaucoma Awareness Month raises awareness about glaucoma. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steal sight without warning. Although the most common forms primarily affect the middle-aged and elderly, glaucoma can affect people of all ages. Glaucoma can result in vision loss and even blindness. About 3 million Americans have glaucoma. It is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form, results in increased eye pressure.

With glaucoma, vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve. There is no cure for glaucoma — yet. However, medication or surgery can slow or prevent further vision loss after diagnosis. The appropriate treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma a person has, among other factors. Early detection is vital to stopping the progression of the disease.

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January 1, 2025
January 31, 2025