Personalize Your Awareness Ribbons and Pins

With a Name, Date or Message!

Personalize Your Awareness Ribbon Pin

With a Name, Date or Message!

Awareness Pins, Wristbands, Fabric Ribbons

Personalized Cause® offers six different awareness products including awareness ribbons, awareness bracelets, and fabric ribbons. These awareness products are available in a vast array of colors to represent a myriad of causes. Each cause included on our site has an associated color that symbolizes its meaning. As a result, uniformity of colors in product offerings provides multiple ways to raise awareness at various price points.

The entire list of causes and meanings can be found in our Cause and Color Reference Guide.

Personalized Cause's awareness product offerings include:

  • Enamel awareness ribbon pins - $5.95/pin, sold individually
  • Personalized enamel awareness ribbon pins - $15.95/pin, sold individually
  • Silicone KNOW MORE® wristband bracelets - $1.00/wristband, sold individually
  • Personalized silicone wristband bracelets - as quoted, sold in bulk
  • Bulk fabric awareness ribbons - $59.95/bag, sold in bulk bags of 250 ribbons
  • Personalized bulk fabric awareness ribbons - $349.00/bag, sold in bulk bags of 250 ribbons

Personalized Cause - Raising Awareness Since 2001

Since 2001, with the introduction of our awareness ribbons, Personalized Cause has raised awareness and funding for well-known disorders and diseases that affect many, such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to lesser known or rare diseases and disorders that affect very few.

Our awareness products are designed to increase advocacy, remember a loved one, and call attention to physical and mental health causes. Furthermore, we support cancer-related causes, especially cancer causes that are rare in nature. We also support social causes that rarely get a voice. Lastly, we support rare diseases with our zebra and blue jean pins.

Our Signature Pins - Engraved Personalized Awareness Ribbon Pins

Our signature product, the personalized awareness ribbon pin, offers a space across the front for engraving. Inscribe these pins with a name, date or message to acknowledge a loved one, survivor, or support a cause that hits close to home.

Each personalized awareness ribbon pin is hand engraved. Therefore, the engraving on each pin can be unique. For example, one pin may say "My Aunt," another "My Mom," and a third, "My Friend." The choice is yours!

These pins also make beautiful keepsakes.

Our personalized pins coordinate in color with our non-personalized pins, listed below, as well as our wristbands and fabric ribbons. Each personalized pin is made of hard enamel and comes with a rubber backing to hold it securely in place. $15.95/pin

Non-Personalized Awareness Ribbon Pins

In addition, we offer non-personalized awareness pins that coordinate in color with our personalized awareness ribbons, wristbands and fabric ribbons.

Our non-personalized pins do not have a place for personalization and, therefore, cannot be engraved. Each pin is made of hard enamel and comes with a rubber backing to hold it securely in place. $5.95/pin

KNOW MORE® Awareness Wristbands

In addition, we offer our trademarked KNOW MORE® logo silicone bracelet wristbands in a multitude of colors. These wristbands coordinate in color and meaning with both our personalized and non-personalized awareness pins and our fabric ribbons.  $1.00/wristband

Personalized Silicone Awareness Wristbands (Bulk)

Further, our personalized silicone awareness wristbands, sold in bulk, coordinate in color and meaning with our personalized and non-personalized awareness pins and our fabric ribbons.

These bulk wristbands can be debossed with a slogan or logo and are virtually indestructible. Price is as quoted depending upon the quantity ordered.

Fabric Awareness Ribbons (Bulk)

Our fabric ribbons (also known as loops) are available in bulk bags of 250 ribbons and coordinate in color with our awareness pins and wristbands. These fabric ribbons are made of satin or grosgrain and come with a safety pin (unattached). Most importantly, these ribbons are a great fundraising product since they are inexpensive. $59.95/bag of 250 ribbons.

Personalized Fabric Awareness Ribbons (Bulk)

Lastly, our bulk fabric ribbons can be imprinted with a name or logo for occasions calling for large-scale support or charity events when you want a personalized, relatively inexpensive product. The personalized fabric ribbons are imprinted on the ribbon tail with a one line logo or slogan. These ribbons are sold in bulk (250 ribbon minimum) and have a safety pin attached to the back of the ribbon. $349.00/bag of 250 ribbons.

Ordering Is Easy and Secure

Not only do we help you raise awareness, but we also support you in difficult times. Our staff knows that awareness ribbons often add a special touch to a celebration of life ceremony or during a time of need, and timing is of the essence.

At Personalized Cause, we will be responsive to your needs, as we have been to many for the past twenty plus years. We offer outstanding, responsible customer service and take great pride in being a supportive resource to you when you need us most.



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