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minority mental health awareness month

This Minority Mental Health Month blog focuses on the Asian-American Community.

Today’s post is dedicated to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. According to government figures, in the U.S., an estimated 18.2 million people claim full or partial Asian descent. This group of people is diverse, ranging from fifth-generation Japanese to newcomers from India.

Mental Health Disorders in the Asian-American Community

Estimates vary, but one recent study found Asian-Americans face a 17.3% lifetime chance of getting a psychiatric disorder. This includes depression. Although that rate was lower than among other minorities, the study called mental health among Asian-Americans a growing public health concern. This is true, especially given the stigma around treatment and treatment barriers. Asian Americans are less likely than whites to mention their mental health concerns. Mental health in the Asian community tends to be a more private matter.

Depression and Suicide

Studies of Asian-American college students find that they had higher rates of depression than white students. They showed the most distress at the time they sought counseling compared to all racial groups.

The most high profile manifestation of these issues is suicides. According to CSU Fullerton Professor Eliza Noh, the second leading cause of death for Asian American women ages 15-24 is suicide, and Asian Americans have the highest female suicide rate among all racial groups.

Studies also show that Asian American college students were more likely than White American students to have had suicidal thoughts and to attempt suicide, as well as have greater rates of depression than white students. This alarming trend is also present in the high school population.

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