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national cancer survivor's day

Happy National Cancer Survivor’s Day! National Cancer Survivors Day is a time to celebrate cancer survivors. It takes place on the first Sunday in June. Cancer ribbon colors are specific to the type of cancer survived. To see all of our custom awareness ribbons, visit our cause and color reference guide. We support the largest number of cancer causes anywhere in the world.

Celebrating Survivors on National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Today we are celebrating a very special day, especially to everyone here at Personalized Cause®. Today we celebrate those who fought the good fight, and survived their battle with cancer. We also remember those who fought bravely and fiercely, but didn’t overcome. We honor those who lost their lives by celebrating how remarkable surviving cancer is. I hope my nerdy Spock reference made at least a few of you smile. Therefore, to all the cancer survivors out there, we say, may you, “Live long and prosper!”

We celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day on the first Sunday of June, every year. This day brings cancer survivors together to inspire others, raise funds to fight the disease, and provide hope to those battling cancer or recently diagnosed. It also serves as a source of support for the families of people battling cancer. This link takes you to current cancer statistics. Since they change each year, rather than post statistics, we will link them.

I don’t know if any of you have ever attended a cancer race or fund raiser, but it is amazing. Nothing fills your eyes with tears and your heart with hope quite like seeing hundreds of cancer survivors come together to support one another. They prove that cancer had not broken or defeated them. Instead, they’re stronger than ever. Not a dry eye in the crowd, trust me. I get choked up just thinking about it.

Personalized Cause Recognizes Cancer Survivors

This awareness blog is run by Personalized Cause®. Personalized Cause® is an awareness accessory company that specializes is custom awareness ribbons. For example, our custom awareness ribbons can be engraved with any name, date, message, or phrase that you’d like, on any of our custom awareness ribbon colors. We carry just about every awareness ribbon under the sun. In addition to our custom awareness ribbons, we also carry classic awareness ribbons, fabric awareness ribbons, and silicone awareness wristbands.

All in all, Personalized Cause® writes this awareness blog because we believe in raising awareness. We practice what we preach by raising awareness for as many causes as we can. We believe raising awareness is crucial for understanding, fundraising, and research. So, I hope you’ll join us next week, and every week after, for our latest awareness blog installment. Compassion and understanding is the key to every cause.

Personalized Enamel Awareness Ribbon Pins represent many different types of cancer. We celebrate you today and wish you many healthy years to come in the future.

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