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Charlie Brown is wearing blue, and so should you! We are focusing on National Wear Blue Day as part of Men’s Health Week.

Today is part two of the Men’s Health Week awareness blog post. We couldn’t fit all the information into one, so we’ve broken it up into two. This post on National Wear Blue Day picks up where we left off. It’s important to inform both men and women about the health risks men face.

National Wear Blue Day – Wear a Light Blue Ribbon

National Wear Blue Day is observed on the Friday of every Men’s Health Week. The purpose of National Wear Blue Day is to encourage men to seek regular check ups and screening in order to prevent illness. It is also a day used to raise awareness for men’s health issues and raise money to fund research and treatment. The point of men’s health week is to help men live longer, healthier lives.

There is a tendency for men in this country to not be completely honest with their doctors about things that are bothering them. Typically, this is because they are trying to appear tough. Early detection is the key to a long life of health. If you don’t treat things early on, like high blood pressure, for example, then you will be putting yourself at risk for very serious consequences. The time to treat your health concerns is not after something has already happened. Instead, it’s important to treat symptoms as they occur.

Men’s Health and Alzheimer’s Disease

The number six cause of death is Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is the umbrella term for a number of conditions relating to the decrease in cognitive function, one of which is Alzheimer’s. Dementia develops as the result of damaged neuropathways. Damaged nerve cells within the brain no longer function as they did and begin to die. The death of these damaged nerve cells causes cognition to decrease. This may cause a decline in memory, change in behavior and sometimes even a change in personality. It also inhibits the ability to think clearly.

Typically, short-term memory loss is the first indication of dementia. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. With Alzheimer’s, the death of neurons will continue until it eventually prevents the brain from carrying out life-sustaining functions, such as breathing. Reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease can greatly improve your risk for developing Alzheimer’s. So, too, can staying mentally fit with activities such as reading, exercise, learning, playing an instrument, and games like crossword puzzles or scrabble.

Men’s Health and Diabetes

The seventh leading cause of death is Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to control blood sugar and maintain normal levels. This causes hyperglycemia, or high levels of glucose in the blood. Over time, the increased glucose damages the body. Consistent hyperglycemia leads to tissue damage in the nerves, blood vessels, eyes, and other tissues in the body.

Men’s Health and Pneumonia

The eighth cause of death is the flu and pneumonia. For most people, the flu is just an uncomfortable inconvenience that they have to face when the weather gets cold. Influenza (the flu) is an extremely contagious viral infection. Most healthy people recover from the flu in a few days to weeks, but babies, seniors, and those with a suppressed immune system are at high risk for complications from the flu.

One of the most common complications from the flu is pneumonia. Pneumonia can become very serious, and even deadly. With pneumonia, the lungs fill with fluid and prevent oxygen from reaching the bloodstream. Without adequate oxygen circulation, cells cannot function and may die, causing organ failure and death. You can significantly increase your chances or preventing the flu by getting a flu shot every year, maintaining good hygiene, and avoiding people or places that have been exposed to the virus.

Men’s Health and Kidney Disease

The ninth cause of death is kidney disease. Kidney disease is comprised of nephrotic syndrome, nephritis and nephrosis. Chronic kidney disease damages the kidneys and prevents them from filtering blood as well as healthy kidneys. When the kidneys cannot filter blood well, waste and toxins in the blood stream build up and begin to damage the body. While kidney disease is common, awareness for kidney disease is dangerously low. Because awareness is so low, many people have kidney disease without realizing it. Roughly 26 million people in America have kidney disease, and less than half of the people with the most severe stage of kidney disease even know that their kidneys are damaged.

Men’s Health and Suicide

The tenth leading cause of death is suicide. Suicide is a major issue in the United States. Risk factors for suicide vary by demographic. Things to look for in assessing whether someone may be suicidal include: talking about wanting to die or commit suicide, researching how to commit suicide, discussing feelings of hopelessness or apathy, feelings of worthlessness, feeling trapped, feeling like you cannot bear the pain any longer, feeling like a burden, feeling you have nothing to live for, behaving recklessly, engaging in high risk behaviors, increased substance use or abuse, not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much, isolation, withdrawal from normal activities and relationships, and extreme mood swings.

If you think someone you know may be showing signs that they are planning to commit suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or 988. It’s free and confidential. They also have an online chat on their website if talking over the phone isn’t your thing.

National Wear Blue Day and Personalized Cause

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