Sharon Easdale, She Tee’s, And Dystonia Awareness

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sharon easdale, she tee's, and dystonia

This is Sharon. Sharon raises dystonia awareness during September with her She Tee and Personalized Cause’s blue personalized awareness ribbon pin for dystonia.

Raise Awareness for Dystonia

Sharon raises dystonia awareness. She founded her T-shirt business to raise awareness for people battling illness, including dystonia awareness. Sharon suffers from Dystonia. We are proud to support her and work with her to create awareness for those affected by chronic illness around the world.

What is Dystonia?
Dystonia is a condition where a person has uncontrollable muscle movements in some part of their body. This happens because of faulty signals coming from their brain. Dystonia can range from a short-term or temporary concern to a lifelong issue. Most cases are treatable, especially cases with a treatable or curable underlying cause.

What Causes Dystonia

Dystonia is a brain condition that affects how your brain controls muscles throughout your body. This can affect muscles or groups of muscles in different ways. Exactly how and why this happens is still a mystery, though. The effects of dystonia can also worsen when you feel tired or stressed, or if you drink caffeine or alcohol.

Some types of dystonia happen because of genetic mutations or conditions that disrupt the way parts of your brain work. This can cause the affected cells to work incorrectly, leading to faulty signals reaching your muscles and causing dystonia’s effects.

Dystonia can also happen because of injuries or conditions that disrupt your brain function, and some of these conditions are visible on imaging scans or detectable with certain tests. But it can also happen for other reasons.

Sharon Easdale – A Dystonia Awareness Inspiration

Sharon is an inspiration, and a genuinely good human. Plus, she sure does rock that Personalized Dystonia Awareness Pin!

“Me proudly wearing and showing off my Personalized Pin for Dystonia together with our SHE Tee “Healthy – it’s an outfit that looks different on everyone.” Get your gorgeous pin @personalizedcause and your SHE Tee @she_awareness by visiting our websites. Personalized Engraved Pins are only $15.95 USD with plenty of other options to choose from. SHE Tee’s from $23-$40 including free shipping Australia Wide + international shipping available.” -Sharon Easdale

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