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Master List of Awareness Causes - Q | Personalized Cause

Comprehensive master list of every awareness cause beginning with the letter Q and the corresponding awareness ribbon color.

Master List of Awareness Causes and Associated Colors

All Causes Beginning with the Letter Q:

Q Fever

Q Fever Awareness Ribbon Color:

Zebra Awareness Ribbons for Q Fever

Q Fever is also known as:
• Q Fever Pneumonia
• Atypical Pneumonia

Subdivisions of Q Fever
• Acute Q Fever
• Chronic Q Fever

What is Q Fever?
Q Fever is an infectious disease that is spread by the inhalation or ingestion of a bacterium known as Coxiella burnetii, which belongs to the order of Legionellales. C. burnetii is spread mainly by breathing contaminated air or eating or drinking a contaminated food. Farm workers, especially those who work with animals, people who work in slaughterhouses and veterinarians are especially vulnerable to this disease.


• Bacterial Infections

Cause Classification: Medical