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Personalized Cause pink ribbons at the PGA

Our pink breast cancer fabric ribbons have gone pro! We are proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the PGA golf tournament in Florida.

Pink Ribbons at the PGA Gold Tournament

Check out players at a recent PGA event wearing our hot, pink ribbons. In addition to pink fabric awareness ribbons, we also carry enamel pink ribbon pins that can be custom engraved, and pink KNOW MORE awareness wristbands. We also offer personalized fabric ribbons in bags of 250 pieces. And, custom wristbands starting at quantities of 100. If you’d just like one ribbon pin, we have non-personalized and personalized enamel pins that you can purchase individually. Yes, you can engrave just one pink ribbon pin or purchase just one single pink awareness ribbon pin in hard enamel. We make ordering easy. Order early in time for breast cancer awareness month. Our pink ribbons come in several colors. We offer the standard pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness. We also offer a hot pink ribbon for inflammatory breast cancer awareness. Both support breast cancer and make fundraising easy.

At Personalized Cause®, we like to use our awareness blog to promote awareness of the many causes, but this was exciting and we wanted to share. We are always happy to help you raise awareness for your cause, whether it is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or anything else. We have worked with foundations, charities, corporations, schools and individuals to raise for any cause that hits close to home. Wearing a ribbon on a cap, as seen here, or pinned to your lapel makes a statement about where you stand on an issue. It also shows support and love for someone going through a diagnosis or treatment.

You can check out our custom breast cancer awareness ribbons here:

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