Blue and White Pinstripes Personalized Awareness Ribbons | Lapel Pins



Communicate Your Cause!

  • Awareness ribbons are a universal symbol of love and support, allowing you to raise awareness, express love, and advocate for others at a difficult time. Wear your heart on your sleeve with a blue and white pinstripes pin on your lapel.

Demonstrate love for others and your commitment to a meaningful cause with personalized engraving on your ribbons.Personalized Cause’s unique customization allows you to send a powerful message of support without saying a word. Included in the price of each personalized pin is up to two lines of engraving. Engraving can include a name, date, or message to honor a loved one, send a heartfelt message to the world about your stance on an issue, or act as a subtle reminder about what is important to you. These pins make meaningful fundraising items and memorial gifts.

Awareness ribbon pins may also be known as badges or awareness badges.

Blue and White Pinstripes Awareness Causes

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / ALS / Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Congenital SMA with Arthrogryposis
  • Kennedy Disease / Kennedy’s Disease
  • Motor Neuron Diseases
  • Post Polio Syndrome
  • Primary Lateral Sclerosis
  • Progressive Bulbar Atrophy
  • Progressive Bulbar Palsy
  • Progressive Muscular Atrophy
  • Pseudobulbar Palsy
  • SMA Type I / Werdnig Hoffmann Disease – (Alternate Color: Cream)
  • SMA Type II – (Alternate Color: Cream)
  • SMA Type III / Kugelberg Welander Disease – (Alternate Color: Cream)
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy / SMA – (Alternate Color: Cream)

Blue and White Pinstripes Personalized Awareness Ribbons | Lapel Pins – Product Specs

  • No minimums.
  • Personalization is included in the price of the pin.
  • Ribbon pins measure 1.5″ (L) x 1″ (W).
  • Personalized blue and white pinstripes pins made of hard enamel with gold plated outline.
  • No-slip rubber backing prevents damage to clothing.
  • Bulk order pricing available.

Personalize Your Blue and White Pinstripes Awareness Pin with a Name, Date, or Message!

Step 1
Personalize Your Text
Type your text directly onto the sample pin in the two text fields provided.
You can include up to two lines of text, 20 characters per line. The fewer the characters, the larger the text size will be.
Please Note: We do not engrave emojis.

Step 2
Adjust Your Text
If you do not want to include a second line of text, simply delete the second text box and center first text box in the middle of the pin for your pin preview. Do this by dragging the first text box to the center of the bar on the pin.

Please Note: We always center engraving in the Times New Roman font.

Step 3
Double check personalization to make sure spelling, dates and wording are correct.
Click the checkbox to add pin to cart.

Engraving Examples:

  • SURVIVOR – (1 line of engraving)
  • My Mother – (2 lines of engraving)