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YOUR source for SINGLE custom awareness ribbons. Personalized awareness ribbons engraved with name, date, logo. Large selection of cancer ribbons.

Gray Wristbands - Cause Awareness Bracelets


KNOW MORE rubber awareness wristband bracelets are great for organizations and fundraising events. Large selection of colors. Each wristband sold separately.

Gray Wristbands - Cause Awareness Bracelets

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Gray Wristbands - Cause Awareness Bracelets


Cause Meaning

  • Acute Flaccid Myelitis

  • Allergies

  • Allergy Induced Asthma

  • Aphasia

  • Asthma

  • Astrocytomas, Adult

  • Astrocytomas, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumors, Adult

  • Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumors, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Brain Cancer

  • Brain Fog

  • Brain Stem Glioma, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Brain Tumors, Adult

  • Brain Tumors, Childhood (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Central Nervous System Germ Cell Tumors, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Central Nervous System Tumors and Cancer, Adult

  • Central Nervous System Tumors and Cancer, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Craniopharyngioma, Adult

  • Craniopharyngioma, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Embryonal Tumors, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Ependymoma, Adult

  • Ependymoma, Childhood - (Alternate Color: Gold)

  • Glioblastoma

  • Glioblastoma Multiforme

  • Hyperglycemia

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Personality Disorders

  • Pituitary Tumors

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Gray Awareness Wristband - Description

Featured in People® Magazine, our gray KNOW MORE® awareness wristbands are a casual, stylish, and comfortable way to support your cause. Gray wristbands can be worn on their own, or you can stack multiple colors to support multiple causes at once.

KNOW MORE® is a play on words. It speaks at once about awareness, education, and advocacy, encouraging you and others to KNOW MORE, while simultaneously saying NO MORE, that we have had enough, or that we want prevention and/or a cure. We must KNOW MORE to create a world where there is NO MORE.

  • No minimums.

  • Measures 8" (L) x .5" (W).

  • Silicone rubber gray awareness wristbands.

  • Debossed.

  • Accommodates up to a 7 1/2" wrist size. 

  • Comfortable to wear.

Cause Awareness Wristbands

Silicone awareness wristbands burst on the scene in 2004, with the iconic yellow Livestrong bracelet. Livestrong bracelets were a modern take on the classic awareness ribbon symbol. Wristbands immediately became popular, and within a year just about everyone had one on their wrist. That same year, we began getting calls from our customers asking if we could create wristbands for them that would specifically support their cause. That’s when we decided to create our own line of awareness wristbands in a multitude of colors. Personalized Cause coordinates its pins, ribbons and wristbands so that it is easy to move from wearing an awareness ribbon to a rubber bracelet.

Personalized Cause's KNOW MORE® gray awareness bracelets are perfect for those with active lifestyles.  Our awareness wristbands are flexible, low maintenance and unbreakable.

Anyone can become an advocate for the cancer, disease, or social issue that is close to their heart with a KNOW MORE silicone awareness bracelet. These inexpensive yet durable awareness bracelets raise awareness and support in a simple, yet meaningful way. Awareness wristbands are perfect for fundraising events, awareness campaigns, promotional products, company charity events, medical offices, cancer races, marathons, team events, fun runs, and much more.

Order your gray awareness wristbands today and help to educate, uplift and inspire others tomorrow!  

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